Farmers have to face more and more challenging situations on the field especially with the tougher stubbles of genetically engineered crops.

This is why we utilize aramid belt technology which can provide extra protection against stubble and ground impact compared to steel or fabric alternatives. The chemical raw material, aramid, offers five times more strength than steel at equivalent weight and more resistance to heat and wear.

Besides, reduce tire weight leads to enhanced traction and higher fuel efficiency on the field while less numbers of rubber layers reduce tire heating and CO2 emissions.


Soil compaction has become one of the major concerns for farmers as the size and weight of recent agricultural field vehicles and equipment keep increasing.

Improved Flexion (IF) tires are designed to offer larger footprints than conventional tires, leading to less soil compaction and minimum damage to the crop roots. With the same level of pressure, IF tires can carry more load than standard tires and when the load is same, IF tires can operate with lower levels of pressure. Hence, Improved Flexion tires not only improve traction but also contribute to the profits of producers by providing higher fuel efficiency.


PT Trac technology is a unique product combining traditional tire and advanced trac technologies; offering maximum yield at a balanced cost.

Whereever the farmers are, our advanced technology is also there for supporting them. Using a sophisticated technology, PETLAS PT Trac Tires assist the farmers to boost overall productivity and efficiency while increasing crop yields.

These intelligent agriculture tires deliver relatively smoother rides with maximum traction by combining longer tread life and contributing to fuel economy.

The technology also offers self-cleaning capability as a result of more flexion on sidewall.

Concave sidewalls prevents damages to the sidewall which translate into less downtime.

Up to 40% less soil compaction creates an optimal footprint that is both larger and designed to protect and develop the soil. Its improved flotation performance, uncompromising road ability, advanced compatibility with the ability to reduce fuel consumption are legendary.

Let our ultimate technology tires use the engine power that allows our tires to do their job incredibly well.